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This Fall in Palestine, ConnectME implemented a global project called StartUp Cup, already implented in 45 countries around the world.

StartUp Cup is a global network of business model competitions which aims to create jobs and stimulate economic growth by (1) facilitating the tangible creation of operative businesses through competition winners and (2) strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole through inclusive focus on the mentoring community in addition to the entrepreneurs themselves.

StartUp Cup is both an official partner of the U.S. State Department's Global Entrepreneurship Program and a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

ConnectME is bringing StartUp Cup to Palestine for the first time this Fall and thus, Palestine StartUp Cup was born!

Read more about Palestine StartUp Cup below and click the link for full information about the competition.

(1) WE ARE OPEN to any business idea – technology and non-technology sector ideas alike.

As international entrepreneurship efforts tend to direct a lot of energy and resources at technology startups, Palestine, StartUP Cup views technology as a necessary tool for any business but emphasizes the inclusion of sectors outside of the ICT sector in order to capture the best ideas tailored to the local market and local business know-how.

(2) WE SUPPORT winners and final contestants throughout and after the competition in order to produce operative businesses and ultimately, local jobs.

Palestine, StartUP Cup aims to coordinate an entrepreneurial ecosystem not just showcase a business model competition. The goal is to create real business from the most refined ideas out there and to connect promising entrepreneurs to, as well as prepare their ideas for, locally available resources and support networks for further refinement. (Click here to see StartUP Cup success rates.)

(3) WE FOCUS on strengthening the system, most notably the community of mentors, not just the entrepreneurs’ skills and ideas – sustainability is our number one goal.

The Build-A-Business Weekend is a great example of how our process involves deeply the role of mentors and how our programmatic energies are also directed at molding local business knowledge into accessible mentoring services.

(4) WE EMPLOY user-centered design in order to generate revenue models that work and that are based on tried and tested market preferences.

We believe that the creation of viable businesses is catalyzed by going to the market quickly. Our entrepreneurs must test assumptions early, prototype their product or service and then modify their business model as they learn what drives customers and revenue flow.

Written by Randa Masri on September 12, 2013 - 9:32am

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