AMIDEAST/Palestine Advisory Board Launch


On June 19, 2012 AMIDEAST launched its Palestine Advisory Board comprised of leading business and professional leaders in Palestine and in the Palestinian-American community.  The Board is intended to help guide AMIDEAST’s work in training and backing local entrepreneurs, supporting scholarship advocacy and preparation efforts for Palestinian students, and developing new ways to expand workforce training that increases employment opportunities for youth.  The Board’s support for entrepreneurs will primarily occur through AMIDEAST’s partnership with the recently launched Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute in Palestine.  The unveiling marked AMIDEAST’s second successful effort to create a local advisory board in the Middle East to strengthen its work in individual countries. 

ConnectME played a significant role in identifying and reaching out to board members, managing the board’s development, and leading the launch event in close coordination with AMIDEAST's Palestine office.  ConnectME focused on identifying businesses and business leaders in Palestine and the diaspora with exceptional knowledge of and support for efforts to improve education in Palestine.  ConnectME will continue to work closely with AMIDEAST and the Palestine Advisory Board in their efforts to support academic and professional education in Palestine.

Read the press release here.

AMIDEAST/Palestine Advisory Board Members include: 

  • Mr. Ammar Aker, CEO, The Paltel Group
  • Dr. Adnan Mjalli, Owner and President of Transtech Pharmaceuticals, Greensboro, N.C.
  • Mr. Ahed Bseiso, President, Home Engineering Company
  • Mr. Bashar Masri, Chairman and CEO, Massar International
  • Ms. Maha Abu Shusheh, Chairwoman, Palestinian Shippers Council; Manager, Abu Shusheh Contracting
  • Mr. Nasser Kamal, Chairman, Palestinian Construction Product Company, Limited
  • Ms. Reem Abboushi, Executive Director, Asala: the Palestinian Businesswomen's Association
  • Mr. Samir Hulileh, CEO, PADICO Holding Company
  • Mr. Talal Nassereddine, CEO, Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company

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