Our Approach


ConnectME aims to foster private sector job creation and innovation in MENA countries, particularly for women and youth, and to support develop the region’s human capital to meet the local business communities’ short- and long-term needs. ConnectME works towards this goal through a variety of efforts, which include:

  • Identifying and creating partnerships between foreign governments, multinational corporations, and local businesses in the region;
  • Showcasing success stories that demonstrate the positive development impacts on local communities and the benefits to foreign investors from their commitments;
  • Supporting entrepreneurs identify market opportunities and access the tools and resources necessary to develop their ideas;
  • Supporting training programs to equip youth and women with essential skills to compete in job market; 
  • Working with local communities to identify market constraints and engaging international actors to help address these challenges;
  • Identifying opportunities for partnerships among countries in the region;
  • Facilitating greater involvement from Arab-American and Palestinian-American diaspora communities in regional projects;
  • Supporting the region’s higher education systems through collaboration with international universities, expansion of foreign scholarship opportunities, increase in faculty exchanges, and quality improvements in curriculum and facilities.