About ConnectME


Our Vision

ConnectME envisions a stable and prosperous Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region where all people enjoy economic opportunity, which leads to greater freedom, justice and equality.

Our Goal

ConnectME’s goal is to create economic opportunities, particularly for youth and women, in Palestine and the MENA region as a means to promoting fair and equal societies that integrate all groups into the region’s social, economic and political fabrics.

Our Work

Founded by a Palestinian-American, ConnectME contributes to the regional efforts being made to stimulate sustainable economic growth in the MENA region. To this end, ConnectME engages Palestinian and Arab Diaspora communities to support regional economic initiatives, such as entrepreneurship programs, and creates partnerships between international public and private entities, and their Arab counterparts. ConnectME also strengthens relationships among the region’s businesses, societal groups and governments.

As a woman owned and founded enterprise, ConnectME incorporates a distinct understanding of economic development.  It aims to increase the participation of all citizens in the region, closing the gender gap and empowering women by developing their capacity for leadership and providing them with opportunities for innovation.

Ultimately, ConnectME encourages entrepreneurs to present business solutions to local challenges - solutions capable of impacting their local communities; ConnectME works to then equip actors on the ground with the needed resources to implement these solutions effectively and sustainably.